Chill Switch is all about serenity.

Slow it down.

Chill Switch Wines is a family-owned boutique winery in Cedaredge, Colorado. Winemaker Dave Aschwanden creates his wines with patience and old world techniques that allow the wine to develop its complex flavors naturally.  We age our reds in french oak for 30 months, our whites between 18-30 months in stainless steel and neutral oak.

Crafted exclusively from grapes grown in Colorado, all Chill Switch wines are made without adulteration: no freaky stuff.  No color enhancers, flavorings, artificial aromas, stabilizers, clarifiers etc.

Do you want a wine without all the adjustments and additions that are so common in most mass produced wines?

Do you want a wine that is also without the animal based fining/filtering materials so often used?

Then find The Chill Switch.