Our Wines

We currently have four reds, one Rosé and four whites for your drinking pleasure.



Probably the lightest red in the line, but also one of the smoothest.


Hello, Merlot. An absolute Fruit Bomb.

A Classic peppery Colorado Cabernet Franc.

The biggest, most tannic red here. Massive yet still fruity.


A dry, citrusy rose’ with a brilliant color.


Rich and luscious with honey and pear. Off-dry.

Spicy and tropical, this dry Gewurztramier pairs well with food or by itself.

A barrel aged SB, with amazing butterscotch and pineapple notes.

Bold, full-bodied white with serious structure.


Pricing: $20/bottle, case price $210 or $17.50/bottle

Wine futures available for minimum 4 cases @ $600 or $12.50/bottle.


To purchase wine or schedule a tasting, contact us: chillswitchwines@gmail.com or 303-518-0581.